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Dry Vacuum Pumps

Forward-Looking Pump Solutions
for Clean Vacuum Applications.

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Gas Abatement Systems

Point-of-use Treatment Systems -
highly productive for most processes
in the Semiconductor
and Photovoltaic Industry.

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Wafer Processing Tools

Innovative Processing Technologies
for the Semiconductor Industry.

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Vacuum Bake Cleaner

Cleaning Equipment for
GaN and AlN Coated Parts

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New Model EV-L

EBARA's Model EV-L - a new generation of water-cooled dry vacuum pumps for semiconductor industry.

New Model EV-A

EBARA's Model EV-A - a new generation of air-cooled dry vacuum pumps for general vacuum applications.

New Turbo Pumps

EBARA offers new families of compound turbomolecular pumps with mechanical bearing and with magnetically levitated rotors.

Exhibitions & Events

A regular dialogue with our customers and partners is very important to us improving continuosly our products and services! We invite you meeting us at the following Events.