Analytical Instruments

Requests for dry vacuum pumps including frictionless design, low vibration level and low operation noise.

All-round Care

The market for analytical instruments requires dry vacuum pumps with frictionless design, low vibration level at the pump inlet and low operation noise. The pump provides a maintenance-free design allowing the specialist operator to concentrate on the analytical field instead of the replacement of spare parts. The medical technology companies are faced with exceptionally high safety requirements and need absolute reliability. Spare parts supply and application-specific developments are essential. EPME covers all of these unique needs.

Core Benefits

Plug and pump

Long lifetime and reliability

Low noise emission

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Applications for Analytical Instruments

In the field of medical technology and for analytical instruments high requirements for market approval and certification are key. The exceptional safety requirements assume the most reliable components.

  • Mass Spectrometres
  • Electric Gravometrics
  • Osmometrics
  • Microsophy
  • Analytical Tools
  • XPS

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