Our full service for dry vacuum pumps, turbo molecular pumps and gas abatement systems.

Customer Support Components

The helpline to find solutions

Our extensive service network in Europe places us close to you. Simply send your request to our support team and you will receive help by phone or other contact channels. Please fill in the request form, so we can provide you with the best support for your vacuum pumps, gas abatement systems and ozonizers.

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Field Service Components

At your side by request

All EPME service operations are connected to the global EBARA Precision Machinery Service Network. Our Service teams are located all over Europe to be close to our customers. On request, we will send you a pricing list for field service operations.

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More than 345 years

Overhaul competence

Our experienced and highly skilled engineers in Scotland and Germany with together more than 345 years of competence, maintain and refurbish EBARA dry vacuum pumps and 3rd party brands such as dry pumps, turbo pumps, scroll pumps, wet pumps and other associated products. We also guarantee the pre-defined turnaround time requested by customers.

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Overhaul Centre Quality

Overhaul Centres in Europe


With two overhaul centres for vacuum pumps we are close to our customers. In Livingston our overhaul centre was established in 1993. Great experience of the EBARA guys over the last 25 years made us best-in-class regarding overhaul services.

In Dresden we opened a second overhaul centre to be close to the semiconductor industry in Saxony. Get an insight and click on our virtual tour.

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