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Advanced technology leads to a higher yield rate in bevel polishing.

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EBARA’s bevel polishing systems employ novel polishing techniques to process the bevel and backside of the wafers – an area that has attracted attention in recent years as a source of defects amid efforts to improve the yield rate of semiconductor production.

Bevel Polishing: Clean and Reshape Wafer

As the main source for wafer yield loss, our bevel polishing tools not only remove damages
to the wafer edge, but also clean and reshape the bevel.

Bevel polishing CMP Chipherstellung

For high volume production fully automated systems – EAC200bi-hp / EAC300bi-hv

Core Benefits

High throughput

Damage treatment

Process flexibility

Reliable polishing

No contamination

Slurry free


Applications with EAC Tools

  • Removal of any films even SI
  • Clean and reshape bevels
  • Mechanical polishing on bevel area
  • Mechanical polishing on top edge area
  • Mechanical polishing on notch area
  • Physical polish with high effective touch-ups
  • Accurate polishing profile control
  • Trench etching
  • Power device maker

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