Chemical Industry

Vacuum technology and integrated solutions help eliminate unwanted by-products.

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For the chemical industry the elimination of by-products and the protection of the environment are essential. Vacuum technology and gas abatement systems are key to these objectives. The unique demands of speciality chemicals are met through EPME with the best suited integrated solutions. Our European references showcase our expertise, e.g. solutions for the disposal of fluorine-containing gases.

Core Benefits

Most energy efficient temperature controlled pumps

Safety standards CE, UL, SEMI, NRTL

Customized design for special chemicals

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Applications for the Chemical Industry

We provide the chemical industry with the best suited solution with vacuum and turbo molecular pumps, gas abatement systems and customized design.

  • Special Chemistry
  • Fluorproducts
  • Industrial Chemical Productions
  • Oxidation of Pyrophoric Gases

Success Story

Smart, clean and green.

The chemical industry profits from our integrated solution for the disposal of fluorine-containing gases through highly efficient and reliable gas abatement systems and vacuum pumps.

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