The one for two

Water-cooled ESA dry vacuum pump for hydrogen processing and large volumes.


The ESA is best suited for light to medium duty applications such as hydrogen or light gas processing and for large volume chambers with harsh special applications. The perfect choice for both conditions.

Core Benefits

Best in class hydrogen pumping

Robust & compact

Intelligent rotation

High pressure capability

Multi-stage pump

Best ratio of TCO

Product Information

dry vacuum pump for harsh duties

Application Range

light harsh

Pumping speed

3.000 – 50.000 l/min











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Applications for ESA

  • Hydrogen Enriched Applications
  • High Content of Light Process Gases
  • FPD
  • LCD
  • Large Volumes

Discover Unparalleled Efficiency with the ESA Dry Vacuum Pump

In the sophisticated world of industrial technology, where efficiency meets innovation, the ESA dry vacuum pump emerges as a beacon of optimization for light to medium-duty applications. Steeped in a tradition of engineering excellence, the ESA is specifically tailored to meet and exceed the requirements of hydrogen and light gas processing setups. Allow us to acquaint you with the exceptional features and benefits that make the ESA a frontrunner in the industry.

Revolutionizing Hydrogen Processing with Unmatched Pumping Speed

When it comes to processing hydrogen or light gases, speed is not just a luxury but a necessity. The ESA dry vacuum pump shines brilliantly in this aspect, promising the best-in-class hydrogen pumping speed. This feature ensures that your operations not only keep pace with the demanding industrial rhythm but consistently stay a step ahead, reducing down time and boosting productivity. The ESA provides a seamless, fast-paced environment, which is the cornerstone for achieving efficiency in hydrogen processing setups.

Compact Yet Robust: A Trustworthy Companion for Your Industrial Setup

Robustness and compactness are virtues in the manufacturing sector, and the ESA dry vacuum pump encapsulates both these qualities. Its robust nature translates to a longer lifespan and reliability, offering you a hassle-free operational period that outlasts other pumps in its category. Its compact structure, on the other hand, ensures that the pump fits perfectly in environments where space is a premium, without compromising on its performance and efficiency. Tailored for harsh special applications, the ESA stands as a testament to durability and functionality, promising to serve you diligently in every condition.

Lobe Style Booster Pump: Enhancing Functionality

At the heart of the ESA dry vacuum pump lies the lobe style booster pump, an innovation conceived to boost the pump’s overall performance and efficiency. This core feature acts as a powerhouse, enhancing the functionality of the ESA pump manifold and promising to take your industrial setups to new heights. This booster pump integrates seamlessly with the ESA, offering you an operational flow that is not just efficient but also significantly elevated in terms of performance.

Explore the ESA Dry Vacuum Pump and Beyond

In your journey to choose the perfect dry vacuum pump, we invite you to explore the detailed features and specifications of the ESA in EBARA’s comprehensive dry vacuum pumps category. As you delve deeper, you will find a haven of products that are designed with precision and a commitment to excellence, promising to revolutionize your operational dynamics. Discover a world where every detail is meticulously crafted to offer you a product that is not just a machine but a dependable partner in your industry.

Success Story

Smart, clean and green.

The chemical industry profits from our integrated solution for the disposal of fluorine-containing gases through highly efficient and reliable gas abatement systems and vacuum pumps.

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