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EPME offers reliable vacuum pumps for precision applications. Engineered for high performance, low maintenance, and adaptability to diverse operational conditions. EBARA vacuum pumps run with low energy demands and with small footprints at max output.

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Precision Technology for Optimal Vacuum Generation

Uncover the impressive range of industrial vacuum pumps specifically designed to meet diverse industrial needs with small footprints. Our product portfolio notably includes two main types of vacuum pumps: dry vacuum pumps and turbo molecular pumps. Each pump type has unique features, purposely engineered for precision and reliable vacuum generation in various contexts.

Our Vacuum Pump Types: Dry Vacuum Pumps and Turbo Molecular Pumps

The first type, dry vacuum pumps, provides an oil-free operation crucial in industries where avoiding contamination is vital. These are frequently deployed in semiconductor manufacturing, food packaging, and pharmaceutical production, delivering robust performance even under sustained use. On the other hand, turbo molecular pumps are designed to cater to applications requiring ultra-high vacuum conditions. Using the principle of molecular flow, these pumps excel in fields such as scientific research, thin-film deposition, and specific types of analytical instrumentation.

Reliability and Versatility: The Hallmarks of Our Vacuum Pumps

The robustness and adaptability of our vacuum pumps set them apart. We take pride in the sturdy design and build quality of both our dry vacuum pumps and turbo molecular pumps. These pumps guarantee steady performance over time, reducing the risk of unexpected downtime, and in turn, significantly enhancing overall process efficiency. Their versatility across a range of industrial applications, from clean, oil-free operations to creating ultra-high vacuum levels, is an undeniable asset.

Energy Saving and Sustainability

EBARA stands for sustainability and energy saving products. Our target is support the globe. That means EBARA develops and produces in “green” factories with small footprints. We are working permanently to go green. Our vacuum pumps convince with small footprints and save energy.

Making the Right Vacuum Pump Choice

The choice of the correct vacuum pump is essential for operational success and efficiency. Whether you’re after the cleanliness of a dry vacuum pump or the ultra-high vacuum capabilities of a turbo molecular pump, we offer a product that meets your specific needs. Our pumps combine efficiency, reliability, and versatility, forming the backbone of successful industrial applications.

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