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EBARA Precision Machinery Europe (EPME) is part of the EBARA Group and was established in Germany in 1994. EPME is headquartered in Hanau, Germany, and is also located in Austria, France, Ireland, Israel, United Kingdom. It employees approximately 160 people in Europe. Furthermore EPME has representatives for Russia, CIS, Belgium, Switzerland and the Netherlands.
The EPME portfolio includes dry and turbo molecular vacuum pumps as well as gas abatement systems. EPME distributes state-of-the-art CMP tools, wafer bevel polishing and substrate coating systems. In Europe, EPME has a central warehouse and an overhaul centre for EBARA vacuum dry pumps and third party pumps.


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Our brand statement reflects our entrepreneurial spirit, which is never satisfied with the status quo. Ahead stands for our leadership – always one step ahead of the competition. Beyond expresses our promise to exceed expectations of our stakeholders. That is our motivation day-by-day.

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