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The Champions – CMP Tools for Perfection in Planarization Processes.

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As a world market leader in CMP systems, we provide the semiconductor industry with state-of-the art design and performance to meet the most advanced fabrication demands such as perfect planarization technology for 150 mm, 200 mm and 300 mm wafer production.

Fast Growing Installation Base – the F-REX200M2

The F-REX200M2 polishes 200 mm wafers with high k-materials and aluminium layers. Equipped with
user-oriented system configuration, the modular design is suitable for multiple process setups.

Also available for 150 mm wafers is the F-REX150M2.

The Best-in-Class CMP Tool – the F-REX300X

CMP tool Systeme Semiconductor Halbleiter wafer efficiency process

The F-REX300X polishes 300 mm wafers.  With four platens and a layout for different parallel and serial polishing modes
to target Cu and other advanced applications.

EBARA’s products in the semiconductor production

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Core Benefits

High process performance

High volume manufacturing

Energy saving design concept

Customer specific options

High reliability

Experience in CMP since 1992


Applications for F-REX

  • Oxide
  • ILD (Interlevel Dielectric)
  • STI (Shallow Trench Isolation)
  • Tungsten
  • Copper for IC Fabrication
  • MEMS
  • SOI (Silicon On Insulator)
  • Magnetic Media

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