The EBARA Group is committed to contributing to society through cutting-edge products and services and responsible corporate citizenship.


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The EBARA Group is committed to social contribution activities with the focus on technical and educational assistance
in business fields related to water, air and the environment.

Ethical Principles

The members of the EBARA Group always interact with stakeholders with passion and dedication in accordance with the founding spirit. The mission of our business activities is to make extensive contributions to society by providing high-quality products and services. This is expressed in our corporate philosophy. To fulfil this mission and carry out the social responsibilities of EBARA, we conduct our business with a strong sense of ethics, and foster relationships of trust with our stakeholders.

  • – Passion and dedication (founding spirit)
  • – Contributing to society
  • – Ethics and trust


Passion and dedication

Both the employees and the company should strive for growth with passion and dedication in order to produce originality and ingenuity, instead of just fulfilling the task at hand.

Japanese dragon, Japanese roots, Japan culture
Japanese symbol for power and strength, Japanese roots


Corporate philosophy

By supporting the global community through our core competencies and business relationships, and focusing on the environment and sustainability, we hope to make the world greener and healthier for future generations.



Corporate Social Responsibility

For us Ethics means:

Pride. Wetake pride in our role in supporting society, industry and life. Products and Services. We satisfy customers with inventive products and services. Competition. We practice our business based on free and fair competition. Environment. We play our part in improving the global environment.


… and Trust

Corporate Social Responsibility

The term TRUST includes:

Passion and dedication. We pursue all activities with passion and dedication. Human rights and diversity. We respect human rights and diversity above all else. Disclosure. We develop mutual understanding with stakeholders through transparent and fair disclosure. Work environment. We sustain a safe workplace and strive for a stimulating work environment.  Communication. We utilise high-quality communication to be an industrial firm all stakeholders take pride in.

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