We Support Our Globe

We aim to achieve continuous growth and contribute to the solution of social issues over the coming century.

The company will develop products and business services which contribute to the sustainable use of resources and the resolution of social problems.

Masao Asami, President of EBARA Corp.

EBARA Goes Green

EBARA Group’s purpose is to make social and industrial infrastructure more efficient and robust through the innovation of products and services in the areas of water, air, and the environment and to realize a sustainable society in which the people of the world can live comfortably and prosperously.

Conservation of resources, beginning with energy and water conservation. We reduce waste, recycle, and engage in manufacturing with the utmost consideration for reducing environmental impact. We recognize that climate change is an important global issue, and as such, we work to continuously reduce greenhouse gas emissions throughout value chains from the perspective of product/service life cycles. Further, we will maximize the use of renewable energy within a realistic scope.

Adopted in 2015, the 17 U.N. Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) establish a framework to build an inclusive and sustainable world.
The EBARA Group aims to further our contributions to the SDGs and help realize an inclusive and sustainable world through the pursuit of solutions to our identified material issues, while simultaneously increasing the social, environmental, and economic value we generate. We believe this will earn us greater corporate value and recognition as an excellent global company.

Clean Energy

For a Cleaner and Greener World

We believe in the power of collective responsibility to make a positive impact on the environment. Our commitment to sustainability and environmental protection is at the core of everything we do. With this strong conviction, we have implemented a range of measures to support the globe.

Get E-Mobility

To reduce emissions our company car fleet consists of electric and hybrid vehicles.

Reduce Waste

We have water dispensers and glas bottles for every employee to avoid plastic waste.

Recycle Energy

We re-use water from our abatement systems to supply the air condition with cooling water.

Work Paperless

We move towards a paperless office and reduce paper consumption.

Save Energy

We build up photovoltaic systems on our roofs and we use LED lights to save electrical energy.

Bike for Work

In Germany we offer to lease a bike for work.

CSR Procurement Guidelines

The EBARA Group pursue mutual prosperity with suppliers by building a long term partnership through fair and equitable procurement activities. CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) is one of the key focus areas of our corporate activities, with the aim of improving corporate value, achieving continuous growth and furthermore, creating value for society.

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