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Water-cooled dry vacuum pump ESR with superior corrosion resistance.


The ESR is perfect for medium to harsh applications with low ultimate pressure. The variable pumping speeds ensure a highly flexible usage. Low noise level and low vibration are key features of the ESR series.

Core Benefits

High corrosion resistance

High flexbility

Nickel resistent

Low cost of ownership

Low noise level

Low vibration

Product Information

Application Range

light harsh

Pumping speed

2.000 – 46.000 l/min









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Applications for ESR

  • Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD)
  • Ashing
  • Sputtering
  • Ion Implant
  • Etching
  • SEM
  • WF CVD

The Versatile and Quiet Performer: The ESR Dry Vacuum Pump

The ESR dry vacuum pump, a stellar product by EBARA Precision Machinery Europe (EPME) comes from a brand synonymous with advanced technology. Through this description, we aim to focus solely on the standout features of the ESR series, part of the dry vacuum pump portfolio, that delineate it as the best fit for medium to harsh applications, promising low vibrations and noise levels without a hefty price tag.

A Model of Flexibility: Tailored for Varied Applications

The ESR dry vacuum pump stands out in the world of dry vacuum pumps with its high flexibility that adjusts perfectly to medium to harsh applications. Engineered with a keen eye for adapting to various industrial needs, its variable pumping speeds allow it to be molded for very flexible usage. Be it a stringent requirement or a moderate one, the ESR doesn’t just fit in; it excels, proving itself to be a versatile companion in different operation setups.

Dive Deeper: The Low Ultimate Pressure Advantage

One of the salient features of the ESR series is its capacity to maintain a low ultimate pressure, ensuring that it provides a stable, reliable, and efficient operation in the long run. It is designed to stand firm, even under the most challenging conditions, promising a performance that is both steady and robust, adding a touch of reliability to its wide array of features.

Quiet Yet Powerful: Experience Low Noise and Vibration Levels

In a league of its own, the ESR dry vacuum pump promises a user experience characterized by low noise levels, ensuring a quieter operational environment. The significantly reduced vibrations not only contribute to a noise-free environment but also stand testimony to the stable and smooth operation of the pump, promising a hassle-free experience that meets the high standards set by EBARA.

A Showcase of Resistance and Durability

The ESR dry vacuum pump comes with a promise of longevity, courtesy of its superior corrosion resistance. Designed with materials that can withstand nickel, it demonstrates an elevated resistance to wear and tear, promising a long operational life without frequent maintenance woes. Its structural integrity and resistance against harsh elements make it a low-maintenance choice that ensures a lower cost of ownership, giving you a product that is as economic as it is efficient.

Why ESR: A Recapitulation

As we wrap up our focus on the ESR dry vacuum pump, it becomes evident that it is not just a vacuum pump, but a companion in your industrial journey, bringing with it the trust and reliability that defines EBARA. With its variable pumping speeds, it offers an adaptable solution, ready to mold itself to the needs of a range of applications.

From a quieter operation space owing to low noise and vibration levels to a product that resists corrosion and nickel effectively, the ESR promises a lasting relationship with your operational setup, providing not just a pump, but a solution that stands with you, ready to adapt, ready to perform, and ready to last, encapsulating the very essence of high-end technology with a personal touch.

Success Story

Smart, clean and green.

The chemical industry profits from our integrated solution for the disposal of fluorine-containing gases through highly efficient and reliable gas abatement systems and vacuum pumps.

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