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EBARA is a worldwide leading global manufacturer of vacuum and semiconductor systems used in the production of wafers, liquid crystals, solar cells and other products requiring advanced technology. EBARA has the second largest global market share for CMP systems. With a development department in Fujisawa and manufacturing in Kumamoto, EBARA can rapidly respond to customers’ needs and achieve mass production. EBARA Corporation was founded in November 1912 and is headquartered in Tokyo, Japan.


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Since 1912 EBARA is dedicated to drive the future of vacuum and semiconductor systems.

Founder of Ebara; history

„When you work with passion and dedication anything is possible.“

Issey Hatakeyama, Founder of EBARA
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Brand statement EBARA

Challenge and Creativity

The driving force

Our brand statement reflects our entrepreneurial spirit, which is never satisfied with the status quo. Ahead stands for our leadership – always one step ahead of the competition. Beyond expresses our promise to exceed expectations of our stakeholders. That is our motivation day-by-day.

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EBARA Automatic Assembly Factory

EBARA is dedicated to sustainability and environmental protection to support our globe.

We Support Our Globe.

Corporate Social Responsibility

The EBARA Group is also committed to social contribution activities with the focus being on technical and educational assistance in business fields related to water, air and the environment.

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Japan roots environment protection support our globe

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Tradition meets innovation.

EBARA can look back on a company history rich in tradition. The roots lie in Japan. To this day, EBARA is characterized by top Japanese technology. EBARA’s research and development team is constantly driving innovations forward.


EBARA founded by Issey Hatakeyama


Production of record-breaking large-size pumps for Tokyo City with a diameter of 1,140 mm


Registration of EBARA Corporation


First centrifugal blower by EBARA


First axial-flow pump in Japan

1925 – 1931

Production of pumps in Japan for city water, first centrifugal chiller in Japan, first rapid filter for city waterworks in Japan


Standardization and mass production of small-size pumps


First mechanical stoker type incinerator


Established Fujisawa Plant. In 2008 over 15 million standard pumps were produced here


First oversea production plant in Brazil


Entry in the business for semiconductor industry


First dry vacuum pump


First plating system


First CMP system

1998 – 2019

Continuous evolution of gas abatement systems
(GDC => GDC-S => G5 => G6 => TND)


First bevel polishing system

2005 – 2019

Continuous evolution of vacuum pumps (EV-PA) and CMP systems (F-Rex200M2 & F-REX300X)


More than 190,000 sold dry vacuum pumps


EBARA has delivered 3,000 cumulative CMP systems

We support our planet.