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Air-cooled EV-SA dry vacuum pump for clean vacuum applications.


The EV-SA has an excellent performance for light duty applications. The energy consumption is significantly reduced. The operation cost is very low and the footprint small. A powerful solution with high ROI rate. Small but strong.

Core Benefits

Lowest energy consumption

No maintenance

Low operation costs

Wide vacuum range

High profitability

Minimal footprint

Product Information

dry vacuum pump

Application Range

light harsh

Pumping speed

1.600 – 5.000 l/min




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Applications for EV-SA

  • Lithography-Metrology
  • Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD)
  • Load Lock Vacuum
  • Mass Spectrometres
  • Transfer
  • SEM

Success Story

Smart, clean and green.

The chemical industry profits from our integrated solution for the disposal of fluorine-containing gases through highly efficient and reliable gas abatement systems and vacuum pumps.

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