The controller

For high throughput and highly efficient temperature management.


The EMT-MK has an integrated controller and temperature management system. The compact size reduces material outgassing. Multiple interface options as well as air or water cooling are available.

Core Benefits

Ultra-high vacuum

Most energy efficient

Integrated controller

Installation in any orientation

Safety standards

Optimized hydrogen compression

Product Information

Application Range

light harsh

Pumping speed

1.650 – 4.200 l/sec







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Applications for EMT-MK

  • EUV Lithography
  • Micro-machining (MEMS)
  • CD Line Width Measurement
  • SEM/TEM Electron
  • Microscopy
  • XPS
  • Nano Technology
  • Analytical Tools

Elevate Your Manufacturing Experience with the EMT-MK Turbo Molecular Pump

Step into the future with the EMT-MK Turbo Molecular Pump, crafted to meet the stringent requirements of modern high-tech manufacturing environments. Let us unravel the distinct features that place this marvel from EBARA’s rich portfolio of Turbo Molecular Pumps a notch above the rest.

Discover Unbeatable Control and Efficiency

The EMT-MK stands tall with its integrated controller, facilitating streamlined operations with ease and precision. Coupled with the most energy-efficient temperature management system in the industry, it ensures a reduction in material’s outgassing, promising an optimized performance environment at a compact size.

Compact Design, Massive Impact

Despite its compact footprint, the EMT-MK houses a plethora of features, offering a versatile solution perfect for both emerging and established setups. Tailor your pump to meet distinct operational demands with the multiple interface options available, providing a customized solution for an array of manufacturing needs.

Cooling Options to Suit Your Needs

Beyond its core features, the EMT-MK offers cooling options to suit every requirement. Choose the standard water-cooling feature or opt for air cooling upon request, ensuring flexibility and adaptability in meeting various operational demands.

Safety and Flexibility: The EMT-MK Promise

Safety is a pivotal aspect of the EMT-MK design, adhering to strict safety standards to ensure a secure operational cycle. Furthermore, it offers the flexibility of installation in any orientation, promising optimal space utilization and a hassle-free setup process.

The Gateway to Ultra-High Vacuum Environments

Crafted to facilitate ultra-high vacuum conditions, the EMT-MK is your gateway to controlled and clean environments, crucial in manufacturing high-precision products. Its energy-efficient temperature management system promises reduced operational costs while maintaining the highest standards of efficiency.

Choose the EMT-MK: The Future of Precision and Efficiency

Experience the future of manufacturing with the EMT-MK Turbo Molecular Pump, a tool where meticulous engineering meets unparalleled performance. Discover more by exploring EBARA’s expansive range of Turbo Molecular Pumps, inviting innovation and efficiency into your manufacturing setup.

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Vaccum solutions for coating systems to produce ultra-thin modules for solar energy.

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