Dry Vacuum Pumps

EBARA is a world leader in the design and manufacture of "dry" mechanical vacuum pumps. EBARA Dry Vacuum Pumps provide a host of product enhancements including increased reliability, reduced clean room particulate load, low noise, low vibration, lower operating costs, and the lowest cost of ownership.

EBARA's Dry Vacuum Pumps are designed for all applications such as physical vapour deposition (PVD), chemical vapour deposition (CVD), low pressure chemical vapour deposition (LPCVD), plasma enhanced chemical vapour deposition (PECVD) and metal etch, among them the harshest known in the industry.

EBARA's Dry Vacuum Pumps are used for many applications in and outside the semiconductor industry where oil back streaming is unacceptable. Custom designs and broad product lines make an EBARA Dry Vacuum Pump the product of choice. EBARA offers broad product lines with many models to choose from.

Turbomolecular Pumps

EBARA´s hybrid turbomolecular pumps provide a clean, reliable vacuum for the highest requirements. The EMT and ET series pumps feature a five-axis magnetic bearing and tuning free controllers. The EBT series is a full line of ceramic bearing pumps suitable for Analytical and R&D vacuum needs.

Gas Abatement

Semiconductor, PV and LCD manufacturing processes produce hazardous solid by-products and waste gases. These processes produce a mixture of toxic, reactive, ignitable or corrosive gases. With the ever increasing stringency of environmental regulations hazardous gases need to be treated before being released onto the atmosphere or water systems.

EBARA offers a line of Point-of-Use Gas Abatement Systems capable of handling most processes in the microelectronics and solar industry. Our gas abatement product line includes wet, combustion, catalytic, dynamic oxidation and thermal technologies. All of EBARA’s gas abatement technologies are designed for low cost of ownership, high reliability and compliance to safety standards.

Wafer Processing

EBARA’s applications group in Japan continues to push the boundaries required by the demands of the market and the devices of tomorrow, whether you are an IC manufacturer, MEMS provider or similar – EBARA has a solution.

With this in mind EBARA has developed a range of tools to support the diverse needs of our Customers in CMP, Bevel Polish and Plating applications from 150mm to 300mm wafers. EBARA has tailored its tools to deliver the customer a high productivity tool with an emphasis on lowering the Cost of Ownership, whilst maintaining the high reliability for which they are renowned.


EBARA offers OZW series ozonizers to generate ozonized water and OZC series ozonizers to generate ozone gas. The OZW is used for wafer cleaning, the OZC for example for TEOS processes to stimulate oxidation.

EPIX Filters

EPIX filters (Environmental Protection Ion EXchange Filters) remove trace quantities of contaminants in clean rooms. The novel chemical filters are capable to remove acidic, basic and neutral salt contaminants in the air by means of chemical adsorption through ion exchange functions.

Vacuum Bake Cleaner

EBARA offers Cleaning Equipment (named Vacuum Bake Cleaner) for MOCVD deposited reactor parts. The purpose of this equipment is to remove nitride reaction products such as GaN and AIN adhering to deposited susceptors and parts of the MOCVD processing.