Up to 95% energy saving with Dynox

Energy has become expensive, water is a precious resource, wastewater is expensive to treat – fab facility costs are rising. You want a pure and sustainable gas abatement system? You want to save more than 90% in electricity? You want to avoid buying fuel gas? You want to reduce water and wastewater costs?

Your benefits at a glance


• No fuel gas, nitrogen or oxygen needed
• No city water or wastewater
• Only 220 W electricity needed
• The fuel consumption reduction device

Economic savings:

• 50% less installation cost
• 90% less costs for electricity
• Best cost of ownership


• Developed, engineered & produced in Germany
• Including European made components
• Short delivery times

Dynox Datasheet

Dynox technology: Unmatched efficiency and innovative solutions

Discover our comprehensive range of Dynox Gas Abatement System, meticulously designed to meet the stringent demands of engineers across various industries with no need for gas or fuel oil. Delve into the world of Dynox, get insights into what they are, their crucial role, different types, reliability, and the importance of selecting the right system for specific applications. Find out how sustainable the Dynox abates gases!

An Introduction to Dynox Advanced Gas Solutions

Our Dynox Gas Abatement represents the pinnacle of engineering tailored to industrial requirements. Engineers rely on them for their efficient removal of hazardous gases and particulate matter, safeguarding both the environment and personnel.

Understanding Dynox Systems and Their Crucial Role

Dynox Systems are specialized equipment designed to capture, treat, and neutralize harmful gases emitted during industrial processes. These systems are indispensable for mitigating the impact of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), hazardous chemicals, and other pollutants on the environment and human health.

Dynox and its Applications

Dynox Gas Scrubbers:
Dynox Gas Scrubbers are highly effective at removing acidic and caustic gases. They are commonly used in semiconductor manufacturing and chemical processing to neutralize and capture harmful emissions.

Dynox Thermal Oxidizers:
Dynox Thermal Oxidizers are ideal for high-temperature applications. They are frequently deployed in industries such as automotive manufacturing and pharmaceutical production to combust and eliminate volatile organic compounds.

Dynox Adsorption Systems:
Dynox Adsorption Systems are versatile and find use in applications like the semiconductor industry, where they capture and remove hazardous gases through adsorption onto specialized media.

Reliability, Performance, Sustainability and Versatility

Our Dynox has been engineered for reliability, sustainability and performance. They operate efficiently, ensuring the complete removal of harmful gases and particulate matter, thus mitigating environmental impact. The versatility of these systems across various industrial applications is a testament to their adaptability. Dynox systems only need air to operate, no gases or fuel oils are needed. No additional costs.

Choosing the Right Dynox Advanced Gas Solution

Selecting the correct Dynox from EBARA’s portfolio of gas abatement solutions is pivotal for environmental compliance and workplace safety. Whether you require the efficiency of a Dynox Gas Scrubber or the high-temperature capabilities of a Dynox Thermal Oxidizer, we offer a product that meets your specific needs. Our Dynox Advanced Gas Solutions combine efficiency, reliability, and versatility, ensuring compliance with stringent environmental regulations.