Dry Vacuum Pumps

Model EV-A

A new generation of air-cooled dry vacuum pumps with pumping speeds from 15 to 100 m3/h and high water vapour capability.

Model EV-S

The EV-S Series pumps are energy efficient vacuum pumps for clean to light duty processes such as Load Lock, SEM, PVD, Ashing, Ion Implant and Etch.

Model EV-M

The Model EV-M is a new vacuum pump generation for harsh processes. It combines the energy saving features of the EV-S Series with sophisticated solutions for a safe operation in harsh processes.

Model PDV

Provides a clean, reliable vacuum for many applications in the industry and research if pumping speeds up to 30 m3/h are required. The PDV Series Dry Vacuum Pumps offers an oil free energy efficient solution for replacing scroll and oil pumps for clean applications. The PDV Series Dry Vacuum Pumps require no annual maintenance and offers a low cost of ownership.

Model ESR

The ESR Series (Energy Saving Roots) are multistage dry vacuum pump engineered for application from clean to medium duty processes such as Load Lock, SEM, PVD, Ashing, Sputtering and Etch. The ESR Series covers a wide pumping speed range from 120 to 3,000 m3/h with an ultimate pressure as low as 2 e-3 mbar.

Model EST

The EST Series consists of a two-stage screw design main pump engineered for application in harsh duty processes. The main pump is packaged with a lobe style booster pump for increased pumping speed.

Model ESA for H2 Applications

The ESA25-D and the larger ESA70W-D, ESA80W-D, ESA100W-D and ESA200W are particularly outmatching in applications with a high content of light process gases because of their extremely good pumping speed for H2, He, etc.

Model ESA for Special Applications

The ESA200W, ESA300W and ESA500W dry vacuum pumps are designed for rapid evacuation of huge gas loads. Its high performance especially in the high pressure range qualify these pumps on load locks, transfer chambers with large volume and sputtering chambers.