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“At EPME you create and set specifications for the top 20 chip manufacturer worldwide.”

Julia, Key Account Manager

Julia appreciates

“In this job, you drive the technology of the future. That’s great. The semiconductor requirements change so fast and miniaturization is challenging the CMP process. You have to keep up the pace. EBARA is visionary and sustainable with a high rate of social responsibility. I love my job. I love to be part of the world of high-precision manufacturing technologies from smartphones to infrastructure devices like cloud servers, automotive sensors or IoT.”

Be responsible for sales and customer relationship management

Understand customers needs

Contribute to the company’s continuous growth

“The main part of my job is to stay in close contact with our customers. To meet different personalities and to build trust-based, long-lasting relationships is key to my success. My target is to generate customer satisfaction as well as loyality. Listening to the customer and discovering the best solution together guarantees success. Making customers happy is my core goal. A satisfied client will stay with you for the long term.”

“In order to make customers happy, I have to understand my client’s business goals and work with them to create strategies for achieving them. Once the customers’ needs are clear, I can develop tailor-made solutions. How to meet these wishes and demands from the sales point of view is challenging and exciting. It’s down to teamwork together with the customer and our engineers. This is how we offer an exceptional client service on a day-to-day basis.”

“At the end of the day, I negotiate contracts and agreements with the top manufacturers from the semiconductor industry. As Key Account Manager I have a great impact on the revenue and profit growth of our company. To generate profit gives me the feeling that I am contributing to the success of EPME. That’s really cool.”

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