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“At EPME you create and set specifications for the top 20 chip manufacturer worldwide.”

Lucas, Process & Application Engineer

Lucas appreciates

Our CMP systems and vacuum pumps drive the development of semiconductors with high-precision manufacturing technologies;
from smartphones to infrastructure devices like cloud servers, automotive sensors and IoT.

Working together with excellent engineers worldwide

Run the approval of CMP tools and keep the systems running

Keep the ball running in CMP applications

“I love travelling to different countries to learn from other cultures. With EBARA I have the possibility to discuss technical issues with our colleagues in Japan and find new and exciting solutions. In my job, I meet many people from different cultures. That’s exciting. By joining international conferences and visiting our locations in Europe and Israel, I exchange with engineers from all over the world.”

“We explain and demonstrate the process capabilities of our tools to the customer. After the installation of our systems, we approve the process and analyse the efficiency to fulfil all needs. We test different up-to-date CMP technology on customer’s devices and new types of consumable sets. Important is the joint work with our sales colleagues located in Europe. We give advice to offer the best fitting solution to the customer.”

“We live in an era of digitization. 5G, e-mobility, Internet of Things and silicon technology influence our industry. Therefore, the devices require new types of chips. We develop the CMP process for the chip manufacturer according to the needs of the new applications. Listening to the customer and understanding the requirements make my job interesting and exciting – every single day.”

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