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“At EPME you create and set specifications for the top 20 chip manufacturer worldwide.”

Noah, Field Service Engineer

Noah appreciates

“Our CMP systems and vacuum pumps drive the development of semiconductors with high-precision manufacturing technologies, from smartphones to infrastructure devices like cloud servers, automotive sensors or IoT.”

Combining technical skills with customer communication

Adjust and maintain components to achieve the best results

You make the customer happy

“Working as a Field Service Engineer is great. We must be highly professional to meet the customer requirements. My job is to keep the equipment running and be able to troubleshoot and fix machines. It is very challenging, and you have to think for yourself about what to do next. We combine technical skills with communication conmpetences to meet the customers’ goals. The customers trust our expertise and reliability.”

“Our tools are high-tech constructions using different components: robots, motors, electrical parts, pneumatic as well as cylinders and liquids. All components need to be adjusted and maintained to achieve the production results defined by the customer. The production process is highly accurate and structured and our tools must work accordingly. I am responsible for this smoothly running process.”

“Being a Field Service Engineer for many years, I can tell you there is no better feeling than fixing a defective machine. You make the customer happy! You achieve this by maintaining daily communication with your customers to ensure resolution and proper follow-up. Our company invests a lot in their Field Service Engineers. The on-the-job-training takes many months to ensure you can perform in each situation. You are also trained in environmental health and safety requirements. I have never been bored.”

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