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EBARA has delivered 3,000 CMP Systems

In January of 2022, The Precision Machinery Company of EBARA CORPORATION (EBARA) has delivered 3,000 cumulative CMP systems.*

1. Background
As the brain of electronic devices, semiconductor chips are employed in in the manufacture of various kinds of electronic products such as smart phones, tablets, personal computers, home appliances, cars etc. As the information society advances, device performance and complexity has been rapidly progressing and increasing, while electric efficiency is required.

2. Outline
CMP equipment is a semiconductor manufacturing system that uses chemical and mechanical polishing to obtain the planarity demanded in nanometer scale (one nanometer = one millionth of a millimeter). Since EBARA developed the world’s first “Dry-in/Dry-out” CMP equipment, we have catered to customer demands with our technology and supported a growth of the semiconductor industry where diversified needs are coming up.

In December 2021, we released a new chemical polishing system “Model F-REX300XA”. Keeping the highly reliable structure of existing systems, the new CMP system will further enhance productivity and yield. The power consumption is decreased by 10% than our conventional models. It contributes to supply chain CO2 emissions as well.

3. Future Plan
Further enhanced capability of devices has driven miniaturization of semiconductors, where transistors are integrated and densities are increased, meanwhile wafer fabrication gets more precise. In the near future, 3D semiconductor packaging technology will be the next trend.

We sincerely appreciate the continued trust from our customers as well as support from our business partners. The EBARA Group will respond to requests and solutions from our customers and provide equipment and components that will be required in the state- of- the-art semiconductor industry.

The EBARA Group aims to contribute to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by addressing material issues identified in its long-term vision and executing the medium-term management plan to increase corporate value.

* Chemical Mechanical Polisher

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